DJ Finesse mix - Notorious B.I.G. over Dj Premier

rap, hip hop, notorious big, dj premier

Le mix présente des acapellas de Biggie appariés avec des beats produits par de Dj Premier.

01 - DJ Premier Intro
02 - Flava In Ya Ear rmx over I Gave You Power
03 - Big Poppa over Ex To Next Girl
04 - Dead Wrong over 2 Thousand
05 - 10 Crack Commandments over One Day
06 - Who Shot Ya over Come Clean
07 - All About The Benjamins over Supa Dupa Star (1994 Demo Version)
08 - One More Chance over Recognize
09 - Long Kiss Goodnight over You Know My Steez
10 - Things Done Changed over The Format
11 - I Got A Story To Tell over Shit Is Real
12 - Real Niggas over Ready
13 - Juicy over Nas Is Like
14 - One More Chance rmx over Freaky Flow
15 - Warning (Freestyle) over Mind Ya Business
16 - '95 Freestyle (7 Mac 11's) over Who Got Gunz
17 - Victory over Project Boy
18 - Kick In The Door over Come Get Me
19 - Going Back To Cali over The Invincible
20 - Mo Money Mo Problems over Golden Child
21 - Party And Bullshit over Now Your Mine
22 - Unbelievable

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