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@oluolugbenga - Hafiza

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Tsugi 256 - Cosmo Vitelli Mix October 2012

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2080 - My Megadrive

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Danton Eeprom - FemDom ( @dantoneeprom )

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Danton Eeprom's sophomore album is set to be released February 3rd, the aftermath of an intense period at the controls of his purpose-built studio. The result is a record which is hybridised at its core, where pop songs gradually intertwine with dance floor [...]


Le Tournedisque | Tournemix X

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tracklist :

1. Turn Around - Rampue
2. Loving Arm (Get A Room! remix) - Metronomy
3. Take My Pain Away - Moullinex
4. Trance In Mexico - David Shaw and The Beat
5. Pina - Metro Area
6. Maybe You (Lauer remix) - Saint Lou Lou
7. On The Road (Matt Fe [...]


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