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Zaïko Langa Langa - Mokili Echanger

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King Kester Emeneya - Nzinzi

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King Kester Emeneya, de son vrai nom Jean Emeneya Mubiala Kwamambu (né le 23 novembre 1956 à Kikwit et mort le 13 Février 2014 à Paris)

L'histoire retiendra que King Kester Emeneya est l'artiste zaïrois qui aura le plus contribué à faire entrer la rumba dans l'ère moderne, en y introduisant un son numérisé.

Le morceau "Nzinzi" paru en 1987 fut un immense succès commercial.


Congo Kwazi Meshi mix

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Mix of Congolese urban & interior music and surrounding countries, old & new tunes alike.

Tracklist :

- Maneno Ya Mwanyuma By Losta Abelo
- Massamba JM By Mando Negro Kwale Kwa
- Les Jaloux Saboteurs By Maître Gazonga
- Mokholou By Moussa Doumbia
- Soif Conjugale By Kisanzi Congo
- Balo Ya Mabe Batondi Mboka By Franco et l'OK Jazz
- Muxima By Os Kiezos
- Nipeleke Nikashuhudie By Mbaraka Mwinshehe
- Saloti By Zaiko Langa Langa
- Semba da Ilha By Jovens Do Prendo
- Kiwembo By Sobanza Mimanisa
- Gibolo By Northern Congolese tribe
- Maselino Yaya Yoyayu By The Four Pals
- Meria By Northern Congolese tribe
- Banakashi Tabalila By Isaac Matafwana & Sunkutu


mose se sengo "fanfan" - Pele Odidja

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Mose Se Sengo aka "Fan Fan" is a guitarist, composer and one of the pioneers of Congolese Soukous.

He played with Franco and TPOK Jazz, which he joined in 1968.

In the late 1970s, he formed his band Somo Somo, roughly translated Double Trouble, performing in the Lingala language. The band performed in Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya. In the 1980s "Fan Fan" arrived in London, England mixing his music with English jazz musicians.


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