“Truthiness”, as defined by Detmer, involves believing in something so strongly that you believe it to be correct, or truthy, even if it is only based on wishful thinking. Stephen Colbert nicely sums it up, fondly referring to truthiness as our “gut feel”; if we feel it in our gut, it must be correct, because there are more nerve endings in our gut than in our brain. In our current day and age, “truthiness” tints most of our media exposure. It is extremely relevant to a greater extent now that people have become complacent with persuasion-based propaganda aimed towards them. 

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Quelle est la différence entre la proposition "les français aiment le sport" et "tous les français aiment le sport" ?
Et maintenant quelle(s) différence(s) entre "Les français se disent moins racistes..." (libé) et "oui, les français sont racistes. [...]


Jean-Marc Biencourt - Radio caca @elskatos

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Faire dire "touching balls" à l'arbitre le plus grand nombre de fois, "faire des grimaces avec la langue face caméra", "astiquer la queue", "se curer le nez" etc [...]


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