Has a relationship been hovering in wishy-washy or undefined terrain? This weekend, the moon sails through Leo and your commitment-focused seventh house, clarifying your feelings. There's no need to rush into anything official, Aquarius, but DO examine why you feel hesitant or halfhearted. Maybe there's an unexpressed emotion to air, or you're unsure whether your long-term goals align. You won't know unless you speak up! Thankfully, on Saturday, a harmonizing moon-Venus meetup helps you get back in sync. Keep it light and simple instead of over-planning everything. Enjoy the pleasant vibe that flows when you’re not freaking out about the future. Throughout the weekend, watch for codependent dynamics with your S.O., which can really kill the romance. Have you gotten a little too obsessed with a recent love interest? Sit on your hands and resist the temptation to text or track their every move on social media.

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