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Weather Report - Birdland

Kweeped from by 1jour1disque 390 days ago

It's a tribute to the famous Birdland jazz club in NYC where Charlie Parker found fame and fortune. Parker was known as "Bird". Another tune I always find energizing is "Peaches en Regalia" by Frank Zappa. Zawinul played in Miles Davis' group because Davis [...]


Noura - Paris Dans Mon Sac (1966)

Kweeped from by 1jour1disque 401 days ago

Née Fatima Zohra Badji, Noura est la première chanteuse algérienne à avoir écoulé plus d'un million de disques en Algérie et en France. Avec Kamal Hamadi, son époux auteur, compositeur, elle a largement contribué à populariser les styles kabyle, o [...]


Gnonnas Pedro - Feso Jaiye

Kweeped from by 1jour1disque 502 days ago

Born Gnonnan Sossou Pierre Kouassivi, he started his career aged 20 with leading Benin band Los Panchos. He later launched his own band Les Dadjés in Benin.
Composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, trumpet, sax) but most of all performer of multi [...]


Record diggin' in Africa ...

Kweeped from by charles 1250 days ago

The trend of DJs from ”the West” travelling to Africa to (re)discover old vinyl gems has been going on for years and has now started to receive a fair share of criticism. DJ Chief Boima is one of the critical voices who has compared the new scramble for [...]


Birdland - weather report

Kweeped from by 1jour1disque 390 days ago

Weather Report’s best-selling album is also Jaco’s first as a co-leader. Here, Zawinul’s mega hit “Birdland” leads off the album, followed by Jaco’s lyrical fretless work on “A Remark You Made” and Jaco’s own “Teen Town” (with Jaco on [...]


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