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Women Between War and Peace

Kweeped from by gfpanograph 1673 days ago

Rwanda. 2014. Kiki Katese lost her family during the genocide in 1994 during which around one million people died. In the aftermath, she was determined to help survivors deal with the trauma. So, she started the first all-women drumming group in Rwanda, whe [...]


Budos Band - "Budos Rising"

Kweeped from by serge 3353 days ago

The footage is from an August 2010 show at the Mohawk in Austin, Texas

Budos Band is -
Congas/Bongos -- Robert Lombardo
Percussion -- Vincent Balestrino
Conga/Percussion -- John Carbonella
Drums -- Brian Profilio
Bass Guitar -- Daniel Foder
Guitar -- Thoma [...]


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