Mbongwana Star’s - “Ngansha”

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Mbongwana Star’s - “Ngansha”

Newly formed Congolese seven piece band Mbongwana Star releases its debut album, From Kinshasa, on May 19 via World Circuit Records. Founding members Coco Ngambali and Theo Nzonza (of Staff Benda Bilili fame) have pulled together a cast of young Kinshasa musicians, presenting a sound that is truly their own.

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Wow !!!
La claque du soir.

Mbongwana Star = Coco Ngambali & Theo Nzonza deux Ex du Staff Mbenda Bilili, entourés de jeunes musiciens de Kinshasa et du génial producteur Liam Farrell aka Doctor L. (Assassin, Tony Allen, etc...)


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