Pierre Kwenders & Uproot Andy - Gbadolite

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Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso 1973-1974

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Trio Madjesi fut fondé en 1972 et disparu en 1978.
Il était formé par trois chanteurs et auteurs-compositeurs : Mario dit Buana Kitoko, Loko Masengo Djeskain et Saak Saakul Sinatra de son vrai nom Bonghat Tshekabu (le mec à la chevelure afro).

En [...]


mose se sengo "fanfan" - Pele Odidja

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Mose Se Sengo aka "Fan Fan" is a guitarist, composer and one of the pioneers of Congolese Soukous.

He played with Franco and TPOK Jazz, which he joined in 1968.

In the late 1970s, he formed his band Somo Somo, roughly translated Double Trouble, perfor [...]


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