Nganga Mobingisi - La Negro Band (Kasanaut Demon) 1960

congo, zaïre, rumba

An excellent tune from the revolving door of the great bands of Kinshasa and Brazzaville of early sixties. Here is La Negro Band formed by Max Massengo in 1958. The band featured at different times greats like Essous, Vicky Longomba, Michel Boyibanda, De La Lune, and Brazzos. At times they went by Negro Suces and later members went on to form Orchestre Bantous while others joined OK Jazz. In this record are Massengo Max(Sax), Bayo Jean-Marie(Guitar), Michel Boyibanda(Vocals), Diop Ibrahima(Sax& Clarinet), Kasanaut Démon(Vocals), Loukouamoussou Pierre (Sax), Louvouezo Grégoire(Bass Guitar), Massengo Robert(tumba), M'bongolo Maurice(vocals), Nguema Nini(Vocals) Nzaou Willy(Solo Guitar) & Tomba Rubin Major(batterie). For more complete and accurate info on these great musicians and to download go to  and discography at .

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