Grieving Father Speaks about Acid Attacks

Grieving Father Speaks about Acid Attacks

Somayeh Mehri died on April 13 after respiratory complications following injuries sustained after her husband threw acid on her and their youngest daughter, Rana, in 2011. Somayeh’s lungs were damaged in the attack, and her face was disfigured.

Though Somayeh Mehri’s death received media coverage, Rana has not been told about her mother’s death.

“She is so little, she cannot understand that her mother is dead,” Somayeh’s father, Reza Mehri, tells me over the phone. I can hear Rana’s voice in the background. “Let her be. She has had no happiness. I tell everybody to just let her play.”

Speaking to Reza, it is clear how painful the last week — and years — have been. Every few seconds, his voice breaks as if he might cry.
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