Women Between War and Peace

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Women Between War and Peace

Rwanda. 2014. Kiki Katese lost her family during the genocide in 1994 during which around one million people died. In the aftermath, she was determined to help survivors deal with the trauma. So, she started the first all-women drumming group in Rwanda, where tribal allegiance is left at the door and women stand proudly together. Katese is one example of the vital role played by women in the efforts to build a new society. In Rwanda’s 2003 parliamentary elections women secured 49% of seats in the legislature — the highest number of women parliamentarians anywhere in the world, overtaking Sweden with 45% and way above the world average of 15%. In May 2003, Rwandans ratified a new constitution allotting 30% of decision-making positions to women, a step inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. ©Michael Christopher Brown/Magnum Photos

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