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Abidjan, Ivory Coast — Men captured by forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara and detained for unknown reasons arrive at a checkpoint serving as an operating base near Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Heavy arms fire rang out Wednesday near the home of Laurent Gbagbo, th [...]


Conflict in Libya

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Ras Lanuf, Libya — A Libyan rebel fighter uses his legs to steady his weapon as he fires at a fighter jet flying overhead during clashes with forces loyal to leader Moammar Kadafi.


Orphelin, USA

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Versailles, Ind. — Marine Cpl. John Bishop's son K'Sean Bishop, 4, holds onto an American flag and his stepfather David Rohwer while leaving the cemetery where his father was buried. Bishop, 25, of Columbus, Ind., died Sept. 8 while conducting combat op [...]


Alep, ville fantôme

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Le photographe de l'AFP Joseph Eid est devenu le premier photoreporter d'une agence internationale à accompagner les soldats du régime syrien dans leurs déplacements à Alep, le 3 septembre. Son reportage dans les quartiers de Salahedinne (photo) et Se [...]


Combats à Syrte, Libye

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An anti-Gaddafi fighter fires a Grad missile during clashes with Gaddafi forces in Sirte, October 11, 2011. After weeks of fighting, National Transitional Council (NTC) forces have taken most of Sirte and driven Gaddafi loyalists into two northern neighborh [...]


Nachtwey, un photographe gardien de la paix

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Rwanda 1994 - Un survivant des camps de la mort Hutu.© James Nachtwey / Agence VII

Jusqu’au 15 janvier 2011, la bibliothèque municipale de Lyon rend hommage à l’un des plus grands photojournalistes des guerres et misères de notre époque. Une expos [...]


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