Un insurgé de Misrata Raconte comment il a arrêté Kadhafi

guerre, rebelles, misrata, libye, presse, pistolet, telephone

A la fin on voit un pistolet et un téléphone portable qui aurait appartenu à Khadafi.

Traduction En Anglais

At first, the people around the man asked him to tell the story from the beginning.
He said that they (Algheiran battalion) were sitting behind the grain stores, which are located east of Sirte and close to the coast, and they were there to support one of the battalions called Alnmer battalion.
Somebody listening asked, "Where did you come from?" He replied "From the industrial area."

Suddenly, one of Al Ghaddafi's soldiers came to us and capitulated.

He said that Mutasim Al Gaddafi (Al Gaddafi's son) and Ahmed Ibrahim are inside (he did not mention where).
After one hour or so, we saw around 10-15 men in the vicinity.

Then, one of the groups chased them as they were trying to escape. They caught them.

At that time, we were standing above the same tunnel that Moammar Al Gaddhafi was hiding in. However, at the tunnel entrance, there were two of Al Ghaddafi's soldiers standing there. Next, some of us went there, and one member of our group named Ahmed Hashim shot them.

After that, we went to the other side of the tunnel and then five of Al Gaddafi's guards step out from the tunnel surrendering, and they said that Al Gaddafi was inside and was injured.

We went inside and I found him immediately.
I pounced on him, and after that a vast number of people came.

Finally, the man pointed at the pistol that they used to wound Al Ghaddafi. And he mentioned that they found a bag next to Al Gaddafi which had his golden pistol and a satellite mobile phone.

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