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Best Limo Hire Services in Sydney

Kweeped from by luxurylimos 137 days ago

Limo Hire Services in Sydney have variety of options from super powerful, luxurious cars to vintage, classic limos. Whenever there is any special occasions around the corner, you can hire us to bring a dash for glamour and style.


Si on veut...

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Mixtape Fall'11 "Synthétique" by Serge

Kweeped from by modasse 1838 days ago


Comment le tissu "wax" a conquis la mode

Kweeped from by delfcomunelf 510 days ago

Ils sont jeunes, naviguent entre deux cultures, sont pétris de modernité et animés par l'envie de dépoussiérer la mode africaine.Les créateurs originaires du continent revendiquent un style afro-moderne, avec un mélange de coupes européennes et de c [...]


Mode et saloperie en Inde

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MANGO - SHOES - Boots, Booties

Kweeped from by evgen_c 1645 days ago

I really love these shoes.. It supposed to show the picture but somehow only text. hmmm... Anyway I love it and you still can see it in the linked page!


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