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Desert Lotus Resort, Inner Mongolia

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Architect: PLaT Architects
Status: Construction complete, opening TBA
Rooms: 384
Fast fact: Part of Inner Mongolia's Xianghawan Resort in the Kubuqi Desert, the Desert Lotus is completely free of tiles and bricks, built with eco-friendly materials to ut [...]


The Holy Austin Rock Houses

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...Occupied until the 1950s and thought by many to be the inspiration for J. R. R. Tolkien’s hobbit holes, the quarters of Holy Austin Rock are carved directly into the sandstone cliff, with the oldest chambers dating back to the arrival of Christianity i [...]


Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, Huzhou

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Architect: MAD architects
Status: Opened in 2013
Rooms: 321
Fast fact: Constructed of "layers" of floors to create a ring that rises from the south bank of Huzhou's Taihu Lake, this $1.5 billion Sheraton hotel received a lot of attention on its openin [...]


Animal artists and architects

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Au printemps 2013, Troy Alexander, un étudiant en expédition dans la partie péruvienne de l’Amazonie, a fait la découverte de structures sophistiquées construites sur des troncs d’arbre et ne dépassant pas la taille d’un centimètre.
Six mois p [...]


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