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Curvy vs. skinny

Kweeped from by vick 2995 days ago

I saw this dress on Tami Roman and wanted to buy the same but on a skinny
girl it is sooooo different! I seriously need to lose some weight but God
no! I don't want to be skinny, cause you got no boobs, no ass, no curves,
nothing,... and no men want to eat [...]


Mariée en crinoline

Kweeped from by xbmacx 2996 days ago

D'inspiration indienne, le défilé Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture s'est conclu, le 23 janvier à Paris,
par l'apparition d'une mariée en crinoline. Surprise ! Du large jupon blanc se sont échappées quatre fillettes vêtues de robes colorées.


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