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Satchel Purse Follows The Emerald

Kweeped from by evgen_c 2839 days ago

As most fashion addicts know that 2013 is the year of Emerald. Satchel purse, the undead style, also comes with the perfect emerald tones! Introducing vivacious green collections of satchel, elegant yet cheerful colors for spring. Can't wait to meet the sp [...]


Mariée en crinoline

Kweeped from by xbmacx 2914 days ago

D'inspiration indienne, le défilé Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture s'est conclu, le 23 janvier à Paris,
par l'apparition d'une mariée en crinoline. Surprise ! Du large jupon blanc se sont échappées quatre fillettes vêtues de robes colorées.


Curvy vs. skinny

Kweeped from by vick 2913 days ago

I saw this dress on Tami Roman and wanted to buy the same but on a skinny
girl it is sooooo different! I seriously need to lose some weight but God
no! I don't want to be skinny, cause you got no boobs, no ass, no curves,
nothing,... and no men want to eat [...]


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