Fletcher - Cape Town is Dope (le meilleur de la scène electro/hip-hop Sud Africaine)

afrique du sud, south africa, electro, hip hop

A mix of the best that Cape Town has to offer in this day and age.


Klinikal - Doom (African Dope)

Sibot (Feat. Spoek) - Bang On The Drum (Sshadoworkss)

Dank - Rock The Boat (African Dope)

Fletcher Meets Mix n Blend - Shall We Swing (African Dope)

P.h.fat - Prime Apes (African Dope)

Triplet Ov Bellville - Decay In Daisies (instrumental) (Unreleased)

Die Antwoord - Wat Pomp (Watkykjy)

Sibot - 12345 (African Dope)

Mix N Blend - Sik Wit It (African Dope)

P.H.Fat - JabuÕs Dance Team (African Dope)

Felix Laband - Donkey Rattle 4.4 (African Dope)

Kalahari Surfers - Cutting Yourself (Free State Music)

Mix n Blend (Feat. Crosby) - Outta Town (cherries & Berries Remix) (African Dope)

Fletcher Meets Maga Bo - Alleyways (African Dope)

Mix n Blend - Champion Sound (African Dope)

Mix n Blend & SFR - Tantrum (African Dope)

SFR - Swings Dub (Unreleased)

Fletcher - Dreadlox Dub (African Dope)

SFR - Kwaito Mandla (African Dope)

Zoro & Red Lion - Get It On (African Dope)

Maga Bo (Feat. Teba) - Nqayi (African Dope)

Mix n Blend - Sunday Dub (instrumental) (African Dope)

Bioscope - Heart Of Darkness (Unreleased)

JJ - Free Sensimilla (African Dope)

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