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4 Frequent Wheel Myths That Can Dent Your Wallet

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One of the most crucial components of the car – wheels – are often ignored by us. Also, most of us do not have a clue on what to do in case the wheel suffers damage. Here are some common myths about the wheel that can cause a dent in your pocket.


What are the Benefits of Professional Rim Repair?

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Taking help from a professional will be appropriate to get a long-term solution for wheel related issues. This service provides reliable rim repair in NH at an affordable rate. They use advanced equipment and trained technicians to solve wheel related probl [...]


Can curb Impact be Dangerous for Your Wheel?

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A curb rash can make your precious car look shabby as well as depreciate its resale value in the market. It can impact the structural integrity of the wheel, making the vehicle unsafe for the ride. In these circumstances, it is highly recommended to repair [...]


What to Know When Sending Your Alloy Wheel for Repair?

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Most of the time, the bad or bumpy roads can cause damage to the body of the tire and the alloy rims. It can compromise the driver’s safety and cause other problems for the drivers and the pedestrians as well. It is vital to send the wheel for replacement [...]


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