Visage – “Fade To Grey” (12″)

italo disco, new wave

This is such a beautiful song composed by British artist Steve Strange in December 1980. Fade To Grey has that French emotional melody and elegant groove, with English vocals accompanied with French spoken words by a female.

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@charles : Gino Palatino "Vendetta a Parigi"

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"Vendetta a Parigi" est une merveilleuse et etonnante chanson écrite en 1982 par Jean Soullier (aka Gino Palatino), un chanteur Français


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Napoli Segreta (traduction : «une histoire secrète de Naples»).
Compile parue Sur Early Sounds Recordings, avec des morceaux sélectionnés par Nu Guinea et Famiglia Discocristiana et DNApoli, des cratte-diggers napolitains

cette compilation présen [...]


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Mario Battaini (aka The Duke of Burlington) cut an updated version of his 1969 funk classic in 1983 for Proto Records with this version of Flash. The original is a rare groove classic that would drive any rare soul collector madcap with excitement.


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