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Dj Hemo - Algorithmos #28

Kweeped from official.fm by michel_z 3522 days ago


Momma's Boy vs MikiX the Cat - At Night

Kweeped from vimeo.com by michel_z 4002 days ago

NightShifters just did every DJ a favor by releasing the Momma’s Boy VS. Mikix the Cat EP. Though most of you probably think this is a battle between producers, it’s actually not, as Momma’s Boy and Mikix the Cat are actually the same person; Mike G [...]


Blaqstarr – 'Oh My Darlin’'

Kweeped from www.discobelle.net by michel_z 4002 days ago

We’d heard a couple years ago that Blaqstarr really wanted to stop DJing so that he could focus on his career as an artist. Until then, his electrocized Baltimore club music had been mainly production work, something between songs and DJ tools.


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