Glamour model Talitha van Zon escaped rebels after partying with Gaddafi son | Mail Online

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Talitha van Zon partied with Mutassim Gaddafi night before rebels attacked Tripoli
Dictator's son swirled ice cubes in whiskey and boasted of a victory
Bragged of spending $2m a month on hedonistic lifestyle
Dutch model leapt from hotel balcony [...]


Cockpit Footage of a Tornado GR4 Sortie

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A Tornado GR4 sortie viewed from the cockpit as part of the RAF's contribution to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973. The aircraft flew armed reconnaissance missions from Gioia Del Colle in southern Italy. The Tornado GR4 is a highly capable gr [...]


NATO coalition fractures over Libya - CBS News

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Discord erupted Monday in Europe over whether the military operation in Libya should be controlled by NATO, after Turkey blocked the alliance's participation while Italy issued a veiled threat to withdraw the use of its bases unless the alliance was put in [...]


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