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2012 Voting Machines Altering Votes

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One Anonymous voter has taken to Reddit, the popular network with an extremely serious claim: that voting machines are altering votes for the 2012 US Presidential Election :

"My wife and I went to the voting booths this morning before work. There were 4 [...]


More than words from the VP debate

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The vice presidential debate on Thursday night was full of facts and claims and sometimes tense exchanges about policy. But it was also full of outsized facial expressions from candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, who reacted to one another's statements wit [...]


Did Romney Use a Cheat Sheet on Wednesday?

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How did Mitt Romney win the debate? Sure, it could be because his opponent was unprepared and listless. Or it could be because he had a cheat sheet with all the answers on it. Careful video analysis of Romney taking something out of his pocket has revealed, [...]


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