Eric Zentner, a Versace Model Killed in California

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Zentner is believed to have gotten out of his car after running out of gas and started walking. He was reportedly en route to visit his mother in Sacramento. He was struck around 3:45 a.m. by a light blue, '90s Dodge Caravan. There are no suspects in custo [...]


Galliano's Trial to Open in France -

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All are the combustible elements of a one-day trial in Paris that will judge whether boorish barroom behavior constitutes a hate crime in the case of John Galliano, 50, the fallen star designer of the House of Christian Dior.


Fashion, Qaddafi-Style | Politics | Vanity Fair

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When the English writer and rake Jeffrey Bernard asked the painter Francis Bacon who in the world he would most like to bed, he replied, “I’d like to fuck the pants off Colonel Qaddafi.” Maybe this 1984 picture of the colonel in his prime explains why [...]


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