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David haye knocks out Dereck Chisora in fifth round

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Haye shows his class at Upton Park. He controls the fifth round from the start, and Chisora is clearly starting to hurt. A left and right combination puts Chisora down, and even though he just beats the count, Haye scents victory and only a few seconds later Haye puts his opponent down again with three right hooks and a powerful left hand. The referee rightly stops the contest as the round comes to an end, and Haye is the winner.


David Haye defeats Dereck Chisora

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Haye floored Chisora with a brutal left-hook, right-hand combination in the fifth.

David Haye being nice because he knocked him out so convincingly.
Chisora being nice because he knows he's average.

Haye was better in all aspects tonight, he was much quicker and sharper on his feet and his punching was deadly.

Chisora's gameplan was to take the bout into the later rounds - and it didn't work.


David Haye vs Dereck Chisora

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David Haye looks like he has got his hunger back for boxing: "I've sent out a very scary message. I'll be surprised if Vitali Klitschko wants to fight me after that. He will no doubt try to fight some chump and then retire to be a politician."


David Haye / Dereck Chisora - Good Sportsmanship

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Decent fight in the end, and Haye showed his class.
Dave, Glasgow

Credit to Chisora for putting up a decent fight there.

For Haye this was redemption following his comprehensive points defeat to Wladimir Klitschko last year. Haye retired following that defeat but was tempted to make a return to the ring after he was involved in an ugly brawl with Chisora at a news conference in Munich in February 2012.


David Haye v Dereck Chisora

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from David Haye: "I can tell you Chisora has one of the best chins I've hit. I was hitting him with shots that would normally put people away but he kept coming.

"I didn't give him much respect before the fight but that is the way boxing is. He gave me a lot harder night than I anticipated, I thought the fight would be over in a couple of rounds.

"I had to dig deep in there and I had to do what good fighters do to win. This is the best atmosphere I've ever experienced in my life. This was one of the best British boxing matches in recent years.

"There was a lot of beef beforehand, we put our lives on the line in there but credit to Dereck Chisora. I believe he will go on to great things."

Dereck Chisora was sporting in defeat, saying: "That was a great fight, I got caught, I don't know what with, but it was a great shot. This is boxing - there has to be one winner, I will come back."


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