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Mode et saloperie en Inde

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Galliano's Trial to Open in France -

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All are the combustible elements of a one-day trial in Paris that will judge whether boorish barroom behavior constitutes a hate crime in the case of John Galliano, 50, the fallen star designer of the House of Christian Dior.


Eric Zentner, a Versace Model Killed in California

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Zentner is believed to have gotten out of his car after running out of gas and started walking. He was reportedly en route to visit his mother in Sacramento. He was struck around 3:45 a.m. by a light blue, '90s Dodge Caravan. There are no suspects in custo [...]


One Dress Protest

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One Dress Protest is me, Kristy Powell, wearing one dress for one year in order to protest the ideas and motivations behind how and why I wear my clothes.


Harlem Fashion in the 1950's

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Si on veut...

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Printed Hoodies Company Gift Ideas

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If your company is getting creative ideas and then put it into printed hoodies, it will be something different and interesting to be on display, because now all of the more mainstream method of promotion are using tshirts. So your company could expect diffe [...]


Le pénis, nouvel imprimé tendance

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Un site de vente en ligne propose un chemisier à env. 408 fr. et un legging pour env. 143 fr., tous deux parsemés de centaines de verges de couleurs et tailles différentes.


À propos de Ex'citation -

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My recent kweep

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Paris accueille la Black Fashion Week

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Habillez-vous comme Mark Zuckerberg

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Robert Clergerie chausse Michelle Obama

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Clergerie revient en force après avoir repris et sauvé de la faillite l'entreprise qu'il avait précédemment vendue.


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