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Ex-SNC-Lavalin executive with Gaddafi ties arrested in Switzerland on fraud charge

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Riadh Ben Aissa, SNC-Lavalin’s former executive vice-president — and the company’s point man in North Africa — is being detained by police in Switzerland.

Ben Aissa is being held on accusations of corrupting a public official, fraud and money laundering related to his business dealings in North Africa, Switzerland’s Office of the Attorney General confirmed to Postmedia News in an email Sunday.

He has been in custody since mid-April following an investigation launched by Swiss authorities in May of 2011.


Battle for Brega Libya Footage

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La vidéo ci-dessous montre les affrontements pour le terminal de pétrolier de Brega, jeudi, du côté des rebelles. Les combats ont recommencé ce vendredi, l'opposition a pour le moment réussi à repousser les forces de Kadhafi


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