The War in Hipstamatic - An FP Photo Essay

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The War in Hipstamatic - An FP Photo Essay

Left: Lance Cpl. Kevin Daly during a military operation near Doghaka village in Musa Qala district, Helmand province, Afghanistan, on Nov. 7, 2010.
Right: Ali Mohammad, a 10-year-old refugee from Kandahar province, stands in front of his makeshift house in the Charahi Qambar refugee camp in Kabul on Feb. 27.

It's been nearly 10 years since the U.S. war in Afghanistan began back in October 2001. Journalists and photographers flocked to Kabul and Tora Bora as the first bombs fell. The iPhone had not yet been invented; it would be another three years until anyone knew what Facebook was. Back then, Afghanistan was a war of necessity, a war of revenge. A decade later, Osama bin Laden -- the erstwhile target of the U.S. invasion -- is dead. The Taliban are dispersed; but still potent, still deadly.
The mission in Afghanistan, of course, has changed: from the foremost matter of national security to something more nebulous -- a war of counterinsurgency and nation-building. In these 10 years, Foreign Policy has spent a great deal of column inches and pixels on the conflict -- publishing dispatches and analyses, photo essays and commentary. But in this unique collection of photographs, largely taken on iPhones using an app called Hipstamatic that allows users to digitally manipulate "lenses," "flashes," and "film stock," we found something exceptionally powerful: a record of the lives of U.S. Marines in Helmand province in 2010 and 2011 and of the Afghans they interacted with. It is by no means a comprehensive look at 10 years of war, but it is an evocative and profound slice of life -- at the beginning of the end of the longest conflict in U.S. history.

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