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Amadou Balake - Aminatha Du The

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Amadou Balaké's name may not ring bells right away, but he is (or should be) more famous . Born in Burkina Faso, or Haute Volta as it was called at the time, he played in Ghana before breaking through in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. In that city of musical cro [...]


DJ axe.l - Afro Beat-Mix

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1. Keep it rockin (Afro Dub) – Wunmi
2. Kariba – Faze Action + Zeke Manykia
3. Oyo O – Raw Artistic Soul + Wummi
4. Don’t joke with a hungry man (Seiji Mix) – Quantic
5. Spirit of the drums – Lonesome Echo Productions
6. Guadalupe – Nbolo
7. B [...]


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