Brian De Palma à propos du film pellicule et du numérique

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KASMAN: It's getting so confusing now; things shot on film are projected digitally, digitally shot movies are projected on film. Your movie, Redacted, was a specifically digital project. Was shooting on 35mm something you wanted for Passion from the start?

DE PALMA: If you have beautiful locations and beautiful women and you want to light them correctly, you shoot on film. Digital hasn't really gotten to the level of the classic, beautiful photography we remember from yesterday.

KASMAN: Was it nice to be back shooting on 35mm after the experience with Redacted?

DE PALMA: Well, it's kind of strange to see them loading [film] magazines that can only do takes of a certain length. You don't have that problem shooting digitally. No—it's the lighting, you're shooting beautiful women, beautiful locations, you have very stylized lighting. I haven't seen this done digitally well yet, but I'm sure they'll get there.

KASMAN: It's a texture, too, I would think.

DE PALMA: Yes, but I'm sure they'll get that look with digital, in time.

PS : « Passion » est le nouveau film de Brian De Palma. Il devrait sortir en France en 2013.
C'est le remake de « Crime d'amour » (2010) le dernier film d'Alain Corneau.

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