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Tabu Ley Rochereau - Bel Abidjan

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Track 1 'Bel Abidjan' from the 2007 album African Classics: Tabu Ley Rochereau'. Tabu Ley helped pioneer the irresistible beats of soukous and popularised his music internationally by fusing elements of Congolese folk music with Cuban, Caribbean beats and L [...]


Camayenne Sofa - Delphine

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Groupe éclectique né de l’ex Camayenne Sextet, Camayenne Sofa séduit le grand public en explorant diverses musiques guinéennes : mandingue (maninka ou malinké), peule, sousso (soussou) ou encore baga...


Philo Kola - Petit a Petit

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Early 80's Zebola Funk made in Ivory Coast! RIP Philo!
Vocals: Philo Kola, Zitany Neil
Chorus: Alani Antoinette, Mansia M'Bilia
Lead Guitar: Antoine Manana
Rhythm Guitar: Lokassa Ya M'Bongo
Bass: Hilaire Penoi
Drums: Ringo Moya
Tumba: Houon [...]


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