How its work with the Mozilla extension

Want to kweep ? Just install the Kweeper Extension below (by clicking on it) in your Mozilla Firefox firefox browser or Flock flock browser Browser.
Mozilla Extension (from 3.5 to newer)

Please notice, if this message appears at the top of the page, click "Allow", and click the Install link again.

How to kweep texts ?

When you want to kweep a sentences , just select it and right-click, then select the "Add words to kweeeper" option.

How to kweep images ?

When you see an image you like, just right-click it and select the "Add Image to kweeeper" option.

How to kweep videos ?

If you see a cool dailymotion, vimeo or youtube video, go to the video's page and click the kweeper icon wich appear near and the video will show up at your kweeper page.

How to uninstall the extension ?

To uninstall the extension, just go to "Tools" ? "Add-Ons", and choose "Uninstall" for the kweeper extension.


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