Winners of the 2019 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

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Winners of the 2019 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

The Human Touch: Human/Nature Winner. It’s no exaggeration to say that André Bauma, the head caretaker at the Senkwekwe Center for orphaned gorillas in Virunga National Park, risks his life daily for the animals in his care. In recent decades, more than 170 rangers have been killed in the park, and the Senkwekwe Center has been overrun by rebels on multiple occasions. Even in these moments, Bauma has never abandoned the Center’s gorillas. "Gorilla caretakers with those gorilla orphans? We are the same family," he says. "They know we are their mums."
James Gifford / BigPicture Photography Competition

Photo : James Gifford / BigPicture Photography Competition 

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