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Grâce à JR (et au Centre des Monuments Nationaux, qui a confié à l’artiste la lourde tâche de décorer le chantier), le peuple entre (enfin?) au Panthéon. Les nombreux portraits d’anonymes collectés par l’artiste pour son projet Inside-Out avec [...]


Ansel Adams’ nose

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Sept. 19, 1979: Photographer Ansel Adams laughs during an interview with KABC radio host Michael Jackson.
Adams, in the midst of a three-week promotional tour for his book “Yosemite and the Range of Light,” had busted out laughing because of a question [...]


Savar Dhaka, Bangladesh. April 24, 2013

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Around 2 AM among the many dead bodies inside the collapse, I found a couple at the back of the building, embracing each other in the rubble. The lower parts of their bodies were stuck under the concrete. A drop of blood from the man’s eye ran like a tear [...]


Je ne suis pas un sosie! | Slate

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Voilà deux autres sosies qui ont voulu s’habiller pareil, au moins pour leurs accessoires. «Ce sont deux cyclistes allemands qui se sont rencontrés dans une randonnée cycliste, les gens autour d’eux n’arrêtaient pas de leur dire "Y'a a un type [...]


Women Between War and Peace

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Rwanda. 2014. Kiki Katese lost her family during the genocide in 1994 during which around one million people died. In the aftermath, she was determined to help survivors deal with the trauma. So, she started the first all-women drumming group in Rwanda, whe [...]


Mai 68, Paris

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Photo : Bruno Barbey
FRANCE. Paris. May 68. Press photographer waiting in front of the Odeon Theatre, which had been occupied by students for weeks, and was being evacuated by the police. (To the left Henri Cartier-Bresson)


Jour de brouillard à Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s tourism industry brings in about $37 billion in revenue for the city each year, and many of the tourists who contribute want to get a picture with the beautiful Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbor in the background while they’re there.
Ph [...]


Ascension de l'Everest en 360°

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Un nouveau jalon dans l’alpinisme virtuel a été célébré. En effet, les deux guides de montagne népalais Lakpa Sherpa et Pemba Rinji Sherpa avec l’assistance de leurs collègues Ang Kaji Sherpa et Kusang Sherpa sont devenus les premiers alpinistes [...]


This Photo of a Potato Sold for Over $1,000,000

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The sale came about when a wealthy buyer who collects Abosch’s work was visiting the photographer’s Paris home in 2015. They saw the photo — a 162x162cm print mounted on dibond — hanging on the wall and inquired about purchasing it for their collect [...]


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