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Traduction instantannée via caméra Iphone

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Word Lens is a crazy new free app for the iPhone that translates between Spanish and English in real-time in the video feed, allowing you to read the world in your language through your cell phone. As this technology becomes available for more and more lang [...]


Concert Chatroulette

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Ben Folds, petit génie du piano cartonnant Outre-Atlantique a récemment improvisé une partie de son concert en fonction des interlocuteurs Chatroulette défilant sur un écran, sur scène.


The Kinect Can Fly!

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The Kinect Can Fly!
Or rather, it can be placed on robots that are capable of flight. Pretty sure this is a world first here- Quadrotor from UC Berkeley using a Kinect for autonomous navigation. How cool is that? I bet Microsoft never realized just how man [...]


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