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301 & 302 Redirection for SEO

Kweeped from by carneytechnologies 632 days ago

There are countless questions regarding some of the redirects on the website, and the most common are on 301 and 302. The difference between the two is simple but the reason behind it is solid, one can do a lot of website development by making proper use of [...]


Is Digital Marketing The Future Of Marketing?

Kweeped from by carneytechnologies 818 days ago

Digital marketing leverages the popular online channels – it revolves around the internet, digital platforms and devices as they are the touch points of daily use of most of the people. These present huge marketing opportunities to connect with both curre [...]


Scott Galloway: This Technology Kills Brands

Kweeped from by charles 1939 days ago

Scott Galloway estime dans cette vidéo que la commande par la voix va modifier le rapport de force entre les les marques et leurs distributeurs.
En effet, les recherches exprimées oralement font plus rarement référence au marques et la différenciation [...]


How to Use Header Tags?

Kweeped from by carneytechnologies 649 days ago

Header tags make the most of the important structure in content and it does not end here. The use of header tags has been very crucial for website ranking and attracting the right audience to the page. This post will talk about all the necessary loopholes t [...]


Predicting Future With The Right Digital Marketing Strategies

Kweeped from by carneytechnologies 760 days ago

Being connected to your customers is imperative in today's age , specially if you have a business online. The new age business model will be more personalized and customer centric. So, apart from the proper SEO strategies, you also need to be prepared for [...]


SEO : à la conquête de la position #0

Kweeped from by charles 2280 days ago

la première position dans les résultats naturels de Google a perdu de sa superbe : sa visibilité peut être sérieusement concurrencée par les résultats locaux, le Knowledge Graph, les liens payants, ou même par certaines "box", comme celles qui ré [...]


Google, les balises meta et le référencement

Kweeped from by charles 2897 days ago

Matt Cutts, ingénieur Software chez Google, livre ci-dessus quelques explications sur les balises meta et leur impact sur le référencement. Il parvient à cette conclusion: le référencement ne se joue pas au niveau de l'optimisation des balises meta. [...]


Do You Know Five SEO Content Writing Tips?

Kweeped from by carneytechnologies 790 days ago

Focusing on one day at a time and still being ambitious for your company is common. You can do this by following some of those trends that are followed by all the SEO content writing services. It is all about taking advantage of every opportunity to expand [...]


Google, fin du Référencement

Kweeped from by oliviersc75 2383 days ago



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