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The work of Lawrence Malstaf

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The work of Lawrence Malstaf (1972, Bruges, Belgium) is situated on the borderline between the visual and the theatrical.

He develops installation and performance art with a strong focus on movement, coincidence, order and chaos, and immersive sensorial [...]



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‘Vivemos acima das nossas possibilidades’, ‘we lived beyond our means’: thus parroted the neoliberal pundits, explaining the Portuguese crisis of sovereign debt of 2010/2011 as the result of profligate welfare state.

Had Portugal actually lived [...]


Boris Johnson is moved to intensive care

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The Prime Minister (pictured on Thursday evening), who was admitted to St Thomas' Hospital in London last night, was taken to intensive care at 7pm this evening.

A Number 10 spokesperson said: 'Since Sunday evening, the Prime Minister has been under the [...]


Brother of Paris Suspect Speaks Out

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Mohamed Abdeslam, the brother of two suspects linked to the attacks on Friday in Paris, was released by Belgian police on Monday after several hours in custody. He tells reporters he doesn’t know where his fugitive brother Salah is, and that he does not k [...]


photo by NZ photographer Gerg Simu

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Here is the original photo by NZ photographer Gerg Simu. It was part of a project to start dialogue about our history, and overcome the familiarity of images of Aboriginal people in chains by reversing the races. The other photos, done for an Opera magazine [...]


An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Presented by: James M. Todaro, MD (Columbia MD, jtodaro2@gmail.com) and Gregory J. Rigano, Esq. (grigano1@jhu.edu)

In consultation with Stanford University School of Medicine, UAB School of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences researchers.

March 13 [...]


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