photo by NZ photographer Gerg Simu

photo by NZ photographer Gerg Simu

Here is the original photo by NZ photographer Gerg Simu. It was part of a project to start dialogue about our history, and overcome the familiarity of images of Aboriginal people in chains by reversing the races. The other photos, done for an Opera magazine shoot, do a similar thing, but obviously focus on modern life in the US today. They are both great work but it was wrong to place Gerg Simu's work in with Chris Buck's. It does both artists a disservice. Even worse, they doctored the image. You can see in the original the man on the far right is wearing part of a policeman's uniform. The cropped it, which is pretty bad to change someone's work like that. The actor/model was a member of the Cape York community whose ancestors had been involved in the sort of activities depicted. It is a shame that it is totally out of context.

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Petit rappel ... :-d

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...enfin je dis ça comme ça, hein ... ;-)


Pinterest gagne déjà de l’argent

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