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Never forget those who died for just being Black

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Trayvon Martin was our left cheek, Michael Brown was our right one. Despite seeing us bleeding, they kept on slapping us until they killed Tamir Rice. We will not fall, we will keep on standing tall and strong because God is on our side avenging us from the [...]


The kid is alright - new blog post

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My new post (finally!) is now available on my website. I detail the personal journey I had to complete in the past 6 months to keep giving importance to my career in this devastated world. We don't often realise that even the smallest things we do can give [...]


Le Fisc s'inscrit sur Airbnb - Libération

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Getting to the top of the world

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Kylie vs. Malala

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Kylie Jenner is 17 years old and the only public statements she makes are about plastic surgery and defending the pedophile she's dating. This girl Malala is 17 years old and in only 1 minute she made me believe in humanity again. There are so many selfish [...]


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